poker online

Poker belongs to the family of card games coupled with gambling, strategy, and different skills. It was initially developed in the nineteenth century in the United States, later it was grown to become a popular recreational game across the globe. Its more attractive as it is  a Winner takes all game Typically, poker online starts with circulation of cards among the players in general contains four ends such as the Pre Flop ,Flop, turn , river. All the rounds follow the same pattern.

The Birth of online Poker

Poker online was started in the 1990 with the help of InternetRelay chat IRC a software program used to play the poker. In the beginning the game was slow and the graphics were poor later with the development of the advanced technologies, www web services poker game was improved a lot.

A numbers of websites were born  with exiting offers like  initial free training  has attracted millions of people .Online poker has become more famous across the world and there are around 60 million players in the united states and  over 100 million people worldwide. Poker is legal to play in most of the countries including India

poker online

Profitability of poker

As there are millions of poker players worldwide the profitability of poker is no joke. Many of the online players play with real money. With advancement in the banking and online money facilities, credit cards, debit cards playing online with real money is very simple. All you need to do is create a profile and link any existing bank account so that during game money gets debited and credited automatically based on the outcome of the play. Playing poker requires a lot of patience and hard hours. Current world number one poker player Daniel Negreanu is said to have earned around 16 million dollars from a professional poker. All the top 10 poker players worldwidehave earned around 10 million dollars from the poker game.

The final verdict on poker:

Poker has become popular with rise in number of the online poker platforms. Lots of youth in the country are playing the game with real money. For some it has become the source of income, few had quit their jobs to become professional poker players. Few sites like 52, Spartan Poker, Pokerstars, 9stacks and Pokerbaazicover seventy per cent of the online pokers in the country. All these major sites follow the rules set by the constitution and are legal to play. Poker became the big thing for the current millennia’s of the country.